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            Office Location

            5846 W. Madison

            Chicago, IL 60644

            Mailing Address

            P.O. Box 440172

            Chicago, IL 60644

            Business Hours

            Monday - Thursday : 9 a.m.  - 6 p.m.

            Friday : 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. 


            体彩官方app是真的吗Phone Office: 312.414.1418

            Mobile: 312.953.2634

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            OUR PROGRAMS

            Consists of academic and tutoring classes, 体彩官方app是真的吗work assistance, one-on-one and group mentoring, college fairs/tours, financial aid workshops, as well as recreational activities and events.

            • The need of our mentees 

            • 1:1 Mentoring

            • Group Mentoring

            • Tutoring/体彩官方app是真的吗work assistance, studying & test taking skills

            • College Campus Tours

            • The available resources provided by our partners

            • The creative positive learning experiences designed to improve each students academic interpersonal skills and interest

            • Offering a myriad of mentoring strategies to keep students engaged in learning

            • Via our partnership with Sylvan Learning Center our students have access to top notch academic support needed at a discounted rate.

            • CME provides students the opportunity to experience campus life at prestigious institutions of higher learning while exploring their academic choices post high school education; 6 to 10 college campus tours are scheduled per year.

            • Group outings to WNBA Chicago Sky basketball games, Six Flag's Great America and other events that our CME family & friends enjoy such as Chicago White Sox baseball games, Brookfield Zoo, museums and much more! 

            1. MENTORING

            Mentors are screened and matched with mentees to provide social, emotional, cultural support and enrichment. Mentors are required to have the time and flexibility to communicate with mentees on the minimum basis of once per week via phone/text and a minimum once a month face-to-face. Prospective mentors are required to complete a background screening, interview, orientation and training.

            2. TUTORING

            Our program partner Sylvan Learning Center offers academic tutoring and 体彩官方app是真的吗work assistance; helping students improve their studying, testing skills and ACT/SAT Prep.

            3. WORKSHOPS

            Includes college planning, FASFA, financial aid,

            career exploration and interview/resume, 

            academic planning and college tours.

            4. COLLEGE TOURS

            CME mentees explore high education institutions and tours between six to ten per year to see the difference between campus life and 体彩官方app是真的吗.

            5. COLLEGE PLANNING

            Individual Post-Secondary Education Plans to help CME mentees develop educational goals necessary for planning and achieving their college degrees or certifications.


            8 COMPONENTS

            to prepare and inspire our mentees for college success:

            College Aspiration


            Academic Planning


            Curricular Engagement


            College Exploration & Selection




            Affordability Planning




            Transitional from High School to 



            In Person

            5846 W. Madison

            Chicago, IL 60644

            Tel: 312.414.1418


            Make a tax deductible donation‏.

            Text "GIVE" to


            CHARITY CODE: #CME

            CME students volunteers and staff